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Executive Officer, Policy & Advocacy

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Executive Opportunities
Alberta Urban Municipalities Association
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Job Description : 

Reporting to the Chief Executive Officer (CEO), the Executive Officer Policy and Advocacy is a member of the AUMA senior management team. This position will be expected to provide and contribute overall organizational leadership with a primary responsibility for the long run effectiveness and efficiency of AUMA policy and advocacy activities.


  • Manage AUMA participation in the overall policy, legislative and financial cycles of the Governments of Alberta and Canada, and other organizations as circumstances warrant, by ensuring AUMA effectively represents the interests of its members at each stage of the process.
  • Issue or Opportunity Identification — ensure effective identification and calibration of issues and opportunities that affect the interests of municipal governments in Alberta, and AUMA members in particular.
  • Issue or Opportunity Analysis — ensure the current and emerging circumstances and interests of AUMA members are fully understood and considered during the process of analyzing identified issues and opportunities.
  • Solutions Identification and Development — ensure the current and emerging circumstances and interests of AUMA members are fully understood and considered during the process of developing solutions to analyzed issues and opportunities.
  • Implementation — ensure the current and emerging circumstances and interests of AUMA members are fully understood and addressed during the process of implementing policies, programs and solutions.
  • Evaluation and Change — ensure the community based experiences of AUMA members are fully understood and considered during the process of assessing the effectiveness of implemented solutions, in particular continued alignment with AUMA member needs and interests.
  • Work closely with AUMA members, and other stakeholders and interested parties to establish and maintain effective ongoing policy and advocacy networks focused on the sustained pursuit of shared interests, including development, implementation and ongoing support of relationship protocols.
  • Work closely with senior decision makers within government (ADM's and Directors) to ensure they have a current and complete understanding of AUMA goals and objectives.
  • Responsible for the oversight of the Elected Officials Education Program.
  • Through the Events Coordinator, responsible for the planning and coordination of Association events including but not limited to; annual convention and spring and summer Mayor’s Caucus.
  • Guide the development and ongoing refinement of the policy and advocacy approaches and strategies that the AUMA employs.
  • Define and frame the issues that the AUMA will invest effort and resources in addressing are consistent with the interests of members.
  • Develop specific issue management and advocacy plans for approval of the CEO and Board of Directors for the issues that fall within the interests of the AUMA.
  • Prepare clear and meaningful policies on behalf of the AUMA.
  • Participate in the coordination and facilitation of an annual strategic planning workshop with the Board of Directors.
  • Establish and maintain an effective relationship with senior officials (Assistant Deputy Ministers and Directors) in the Government of Alberta as appropriate to maximize the effectiveness of advocacy efforts.
  • Establish and maintain and effective relationship with officials in the appropriate Government of Canada departments, and with the Federation of Canadian Municipalities to provide the AUMA point of view in their efforts, and incorporate FCM research and knowledge into AUMA operations.
  • Establish relationships with other provincial municipalities associations, community organizations and the business community to collaborate on issues of common interest.
  • Communicate to members through the effective use of AUMA communication vehicles - both print and electronic.
  • Contribute to the development of an annual business plan for the AUMA.
  • Lead the delivery of event management for the organization.
  • Lead the Advocacy and Policy team.
  • Lead the delivery of the external communications function for the organization.



Appropriate educational background to support the leadership, managerial, policy development and administrative responsibilities. A pattern of ongoing professional development must be demonstrated and a university undergraduate degree in a relevant discipline would be an asset.


The successful incumbent will possess:

  • a sound understanding of the processes to be followed in developing policy;
  • a passion for the ideals of local government;
  • a strong, respected and broad reputation within municipal and/or provincial government circles;
  • experience in a dynamic and upbeat professional environment;
  • a service orientation and experience in client service, including the ability to interact with a variety of audiences from elected officials to senior administrators;
  • the ability to develop sound business and community alliances and provide strategic advice on emerging issues;
  • strong conceptual and analytical background demonstrated in the previous management of complex and delicate issues;
  • well-developed communication and relationship management skills required to energize and empower staff; and
  • proven political sensitivity in a public policy environment as well as an optimistic, yet realistic, focus on result.


Leadership Skills - A proven ability to create and sustain a shared vision, act as a role model and mentor as well as be innovative in finding ways to address the issues of the Association in a strategic way.

Business Planning - An ability to identify priorities, think and manage strategically, establish accountability, comply with legal, financial and operational requirements, maintain a balance between business objectives and the needs of employees, and foster effective policy development.

Client Service Skills - Confidence in ensuring that member needs are identified and addressed, ensuring appropriate consultation with all members and stakeholders and ensuring timely, cost-effective and quality service.

Analytical and Conceptual Skills - An ability to evaluate information and extract meaning, to demonstrate strategic perspective and, to evaluate policy effectiveness.

Relationship and Communication Skills - Able to proactively influence people and events, ensure effective internal and external communication, effectively articulate the Association’s message, and communicate sensitively with individuals and groups in written and verbal forms and to speak confidently in public. Act as a strong team player and fit well with staff.

Personal Management Skills – Demonstrate self-confidence and interpersonal versatility, self-motivation, self-discipline, strong work ethic, initiative, innovation, perseverance, integrity and political acumen. As this is a small policy and advocacy team, the incumbent must be very hands on and "pitch in" with the team.

Financial Skills - A proven ability to participate in the development of business plans; a working knowledge of financial statements and the associated principles and procedures; the ability to analyze financial statements; understands revenue generation and cost recovery processes to maximize effectiveness in policy initiatives.


A competitive compensation package including benefits will be provided. Further details will be discussed in a personal interview.

Closing Date: 
October 18, 2017
Application Return: 

Qualified applicants are invited to send their resume and cover letter to:

Ardyce Kouri or Jeff Nixon

Davies Park

Suite 501 Fox One

10226 – 104 Street

Edmonton, AB T5J BY

Phone: 780-420-9900

Email: Edmonton@daviespark.com