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Election Supports Hub

The municipal elections in Alberta will take place on October 16, 2017, and Nomination Day is September 18, 2017.  For summer villages, the nomination period can occur in June and/or July with Election Day to be held four weeks after the nomination period closes.

Resources have been developed to help to support candidates in their campaigning efforts. 

Smart Communities

Smart Communities                                                                                      

The world is evolving - society has become increasingly digital, mobile, and connected. More than ever, communities need to ensure they manage critical infrastructure effectively, deliver services efficiently, collaborate freely, and analyze data for local benefit.

Municipal Government Act Regulations


A key initiative for AUMA is the Municipal Government Act (MGA), as it provides the foundation for the way that municipalities plan, govern, and pay for services for their residents. This page provides a single location for all documents relating to the regulations under the MGA.

Growth Management Board Regulations

Municipal Affairs has released draft regulations for the Calgary and Edmonton Metropolitan Region Boards for public comment. Members interested in providing feedback have until October 2 to respond.


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