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Water and Wastewater Services

The Water & Wastewater Services program has been designed to support the sustainable operation and maintenance of municipal water distribution systems through water audits, rate reviews, and strategic plans.

Water Audit

The recommended first step to improving water conservation. 

Understand how water is used and what parts of your system need improvement before investing time and financial resources in implementing other initiatives.  Water audits assess real vs apparent losses, deliver a detailed water management sustainability plan, and provide system performance indicators.  

  • Improve Water Resources Management
    • Reduce wasteful water withdrawal, optimize revenue recovery
  • Make operational improvements
    • Minimize system disruptions
  • Improve water system integrity 
    • Reduce risks for contamination
  • Increase safety for public health and property 
  • Improve public relations and reduce disruption to customers

Rate Reviews

A full review of current and future costs associated with the provision of water and wastewater utility services, providing short and long term scenarios for rate setting based on real costs.  

Through the Alberta Environment & Parks full cost accounting “Utility Approach” for water utilities and adoption of full cost accounting principles for wastewater utilities, what will:

  • Provide a better understanding of the full cost of current and future utility service delivery
  • Utilize a recommended methodology that is delivered in accordance with recognized standards
  • Provide a customized approach to suit local circumstances and priorities (conservation, equity, rate and revenue stability, defensibility to Alberta Utilities Commission)
  • Provide information to better explain costs to rate payers
  • Provide a clear cost breakdown for users outside of your municipality (if applicable), to ensure equity
  • Provide short & long term recommendations for rate setting scenarios customized to your municipality
  • Provide information to facilitate better decisions

Strategic Planning

To guide the overall approach to water and wastewater management by balancing risks, business continuity, services and financial stability. 

Strategic Planning will support municipalities in assessing various strategic service delivery models. 

  • Provide alternative service delivery options
  • Forecast for capital spending, governance and planning
  • Compile lessons learned
  • Create citizen buy-in